Why Abundance Foundation Exists

I have seen where traditional treatment falls short and also what truly is the catalyst for long lasting change in the lives of former addicts and alcoholics. The missing link is simply having constant, healthy, connection in a stable, supportive, accountable, environment for a long enough period of time that the old way of life no longer makes sense.

There are minor gaps in the system that end up having major consequences. Any transition period for someone in early recovery can be extremely difficult to navigate without the right support system. Coming out of a treatment center, detox facility, jail, prison or homeless shelter and trying to put the life pieces back together without sliding back to old behavior patterns and old environments really only works with the right guiding hand to lead the way. That is the point of a Recovery Coach. Someone who has been through the process, has the connections and can lead the way.

The most common and most difficult piece to navigate in the whole rebuilding of life process always ends up being finding affordable and safe housing. Abundance Foundation’s aim is to help alleviate this burden by helping to fund the initial few months of the transition period while the rest of the pieces are getting put into place with the help of a Recovery Coach. Once housing is secured, the process of recovery can truly begin to flourish.


Brian Bauer

Founder and Executive Director

Hi, I’m Brian Bauer and I’m the Founder of Abundance Foundation Inc. My personal journey in recovery over the past nine years led me to launch the Foundation in the midst of the pandemic in 2020. If there is anything I have learned over the last nine years, it is that addiction does not discriminate. It does not care what is going on in the world, where someone is from, what social class they live in or who their friends and family are. It is alive, thriving and bringing people down its treacherous path 24/7, 365.

In 2012 I checked into a small treatment center in San Juan Capistrano, California to ‘fix’ myself of alcoholism. I figured after thirty days of treatment I would be cured and life would go back to normal. Little did I know that was just the tip of the iceberg. A group of strong men in recovery and faith took me under their wing and walked with me through my journey to help lay a solid foundation for my sobriety and the rest of my life.

This eventually led me back to Fort Collins Colorado where I helped to launch a recovery ministry called Restore, which I still lead on Friday evenings for the last four years and also to working in residential treatment where I became a Certified Addiction Counselor. My passion is simply in guiding and supporting people through their own journey to the point that they actually believe that change is possible in their own lives.