Brian Bauer

Hi, I’m Brian and I’m the Founder and Executive Director of Abundance Foundation Inc. My experience in my personal and professional recovery journey over the last 11+ years has led to the development of this system of not just treating SUD, but transforming people into a life of purpose and hope, by treating the whole person and attacking the root causes of addiction that started the destructive cycle. Not enough people who are in need have access to these services, until now.

Alys C. Susskind

My name is Alys C. Susskind and I am a recovery coach for the Abundance Foundation. I’ve been in recovery since August 15th 2019 and am majoring in social work at Front Range Community College. A few of my passions are recovery, Narcotics Anonymous, helping other woman fight through active addiction and/or abusive relationships and live music! I’m an eccentric, fun-loving adventurist who is looking to change lives and better myself every day!

Elizabeth Zetterquist

Hi I’m Elizabeth Zetterquist a native of Fort Collins Colorado. My passion is women in recovery, transforming and restoring their lives, enabling them to fulfill their destiny. My core values god centered, compassion driven and   a love for life.