What is a Recovery Coach and why are they important?

A Recovery Coach is a peer support person to someone is early in their recovery journey. They have battled their way free of their own addictions and have decided to go back into the darkness to pull others out by showing them the way that they did it.

A Recovery Coach is not a therapist, counselor or AA sponsor. Their primary role is being an accountability and resource person. They are the missing link that holds someone accountable to actually showing up for all the life events that help them get back on track.

This can include: finding stable, sober housing, meeting legal obligations, acquiring Medicaid and EBT, making doctor appointments, finding an AA/NA sponsor, contacting a therapist and most importantly, connecting with happy, healthy, sober community, learning that it’s ok to have fun again without the use of substances.

There also is not a limited timeline for how long a Recovery Coach can work with a client. The relationship can last as long as it takes to get someone back on the right path. The work of a Recovery Coach is also overseen by certified and licensed clinicians, as added support throughout the process.


Sober Living Abundance Houses and How They Work

If you’re interested in becoming part of either Abundance House, first fill out BOTH the ‘Sober Living’ application and the ‘Scholarship’ application under the ‘Applications’ tab. A coach will reach out to you after that is submitted.


Women’s Abundance House Sober Living:

  • *Midtown – Fort Collins
  • *6 Beds – 2/Room
  • *3 Bedrooms/2 Bath
  • *90-day min commitment

Men’s Abundance House Sober Living:

  • *Midtown Fort Collins
  • *9 Beds – 2/Room
  • *5 Bedroom/3.5 Bath
  • *90-day minimum commitment